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tv   To Be Announced  MSNBC  April 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i really appreciate you guys. i think this was yuuseful to he. that it is "for the point." i'm ari melber. if you have further questions, e-mail me at and joy reid is next. most people don't take well to being bullied. >> do you think that this is -- is this an actual negotiates tactic by the president? or do you think this is a constructive way to do it? >> i mean, it's constructive in fifth grade, but it may allow a child to get his way but that's not the way the government works. >> already overcast in washington, d.c., friday but justin amash cast additional shade for donald trump responding to trump's earlier
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attack on the freedom caucus, for the central role they played in tanking one of trump's key campaign promises to repeal and replace obamacare. on thursday morning, the president tweeted, "the freedom caucus will hurt the entire republican agenda if they don't get on the team and fast. we must fight them and dems in 2018!" trump's declaration of war against the gop's most conservative wing, formerly known as the tea party, prompted this response from amash. "it didn't take long for the swamp to drain real donald trump. no shame, mr. president, almost everyone succumbs to the d.c. establishment." then trump decided to get specific and singled out individual freedom caucus members, meadows, jim jordan and rau labrador. then things got really ugly. trump's social media director took to twitter to summon the power of the trump train to defeet amash in a primary challenge. which might prove a bit tricky because the freedom caucus members were the original anti-government, anti-establishment outsider candidates beloved by the gop
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base. they specialize in primarying sitting republicans. remember former house majority leader eric cantor? poof. gone. what better way so shore up, than by publicly thwarting the most powerful person in the d.c. environment, the president? probably why amash seemeseemed seemed #unbothered, tweeted, "have merged in into #trumpestablishment, same old agenda. attack conservatives, libertarians and indpeint thinkers." joining me, kristen haglund. national republican consultant kate dawson. msnbc political contributor charlie sykes. all friends of the show. i do find it a bit strange that donald trump and his team -- i guess donald trump is trying to cast the tea party guys as the establishment, when isn't he the establishment? >> it is going to make his life very, very difficult when if comes to midterms because donald trump was not popular with the
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conservative base during the primaries. >> right. >> he had to really win them over and a lot of conservatives felt like they were holding their nose and voting for donald trump and said, you know, we'll overlook maybe some of his past political leanings or things he said that we did not appreciate. >> right. >> he'll get us results. right? and so he's throwing away this constituency he worked really hard to get. these members are in good position, safe seats, and even if donald trump does try to primary or move the momentum that way, he's not going to be able to because the koch brothers and several of their organizations pledged eight-figure funds to support these guys and now they are incumbents and the national republican committee, they have to support those men with their dollars so they're very safe and got a very strong argument. >> one of our faves here, you're such a good strategist, what could the possible strategic value be if you're in a republican white house, of going to war with the most
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conservative republicans in your caucus. >> it's a waste of time, joy, what it is. these 33 members of the freedom caucus are conservatives, they're from bedrock conservative districts. very, very hard to beat, but you can make them uncomfortable. most these guys hardly ever get primaried. they're out of the tea party mode. they're the ones that ideologically are looking at the debt at all times. congressman mulvaney, now budget chairman, director, was out of that caucus. so, very hard to beat him. you know, i again, i think donald trump soon is going to be looking a t ing ing aten senate action, where the play will be. any president can beat one, two, three people if they focus. republican or democrat, if they decide that you're the guy that you've gotten in the president's way, the donors and the infrastructure can come in and take one or two out, you're not going to deal with 33.
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>> well, i think that's also point, charlie. i mean, you a president that won michigan by maybe 10,800 votes. i suspect probably justin amash won his district by somewhat more than that when he won election. >> he did. >> on saturday, he tweeted back at, "bring it on, i'll always stand up for the liberty." going after somebody with that specificit specificity, despite the potential hatch act violation that's involved in it, is that smart politics? >> no. mark twain said, to a man with a ma'am hammer everything looks like a nail. apparently donald trump is a man with a twitter account, thinks the answer to everything is a bullying tweet. the problem is, just do the math here. you can only lose -- republicans in the house can only lose 22 votes to get everything passed, tax reform, infrastructure, debt ceiling. there are 33 members of the freedom caucus. again, do the math on this. how does this end well? unless donald trump thinks he's
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going to get democrats to bail him out and cooperate with him, he's basically picking exactly the wrong fight. first of all, because he needs the votes but also because this is going to divide the trump conservative base. it creates a real dilemma for the trump shils. what are the sean hannitys and rush limbaughs and laura ingrahams going to do now? they want to support trump but these are people and groups they have championed for years and years an years. so i also think that justin amash has come up with a very, very interests phrase. he talks about th the #trumpblishment, a meme that can be damaging to donald trump because his entire brand is being anti-establishment, yet he's going up against the genuine anti-establishment members of his own party. if that sticks, it could actually start eroding his base. >> michelle bernard, that is a very good point because the idea was that donald trump was going to come in and clean up washington. but if now he allows the tea party to pull the same sort of
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act on him that they did on eric cantor and say, no, he's the swamp, we're the ones who are draining the swamp, doesn't he place minneapolis inhimself in position, when he want to do tax cuts and other duff stuff? >> he put himself in a difficult position and started before the negotiating process. one of the things we should look at, really o has the leverage, does the freedom caucus have any reason to truly fear donald trump? it was donald trump as the negotiations were going on that capitulated and agreed to a plan in the proposed health care plan that would drop essential benefits as a way to appease the freedom caucus and the freedom caucus still said we're not down with the program, we are not going to vote for this. and he sort of showed his cards, they smell blood, they have no reason to negotiate with him and i would guess that they are believing, you know, that in 2018, members of their constituency might be feeling some buyers remorse. you know, he -- i think he is
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gambling and betting on his belief that all the people who voted for him are going to come out against these people in 2018 but they work for their constituents. they do not work for donald trump. their job is to do what their constituents ask them to do, why they put them in office. right now they are very well painting donald trump as part of the establishment. >> and kristen, it's interesting because donald trump after the defeat of his american health care act said he's done, moving on, not doing health care anymore. just this morning he tweeted that he's back in the game. anybody, he says, especially fake news media, hello, who thinks that repeal and replace of obamacare is dead does not know the love and strength in our party." charlie just pointed out, there are 33 members we think of the freedom caucus. they don't really publish their numbers. he can only lose 22. only 18 of them voted against the bill and still tanked his bill. if they go back o baand do heal care again, suspect isn't it th moderate republicans most at
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risk when they go home in 2018, draconian, more cuts to essential services, that doesn't hurt his tea party members, that puts the moderates on the hook. >> my favorite line was, nobody knew how complex health care would be. >> who knew. >> this is concerning to me as someone on the right, we had eight years to do this and so many groups, think tanks, et cetera, were trying to push republicans to say come up with a tenable plan. right? let's unify around this. because the plan that paul ryan and donald trump supported only had about 17% approval rating. so they really do have to go back to the drawing board and take their time. because at the end of the day, people back in their home districts, they want to know that they're covered. day want good health care. >> right. >> this bill sent premiums right back up 15% to 20% next year. they have to get good results and gop has to prove they can govern well. >> katon dawson, they do already have a plan that's on the table. there were republican governors including the governor of ohio who got together and said, look, we've got a way that you can shore up medicaid. did they even look at that plan as their starting point to
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coming up with a idea that still kept people covered? >> well, i think they look at everything but let me give you a political reality. whoever owns health care is probably going to loose. eight years, we ran and loaded the deck all over the kun country on president obama and health care. if you want to look at the political spectrum when you come home, it's really tough. soon the republicans will own health care and we have the midterms coming up. 2018 which usually decimates a party. so there's your diceyness and campaigns and elections is if you own it, you better explain it and it better work. >> yeah, absolutely. going back to health care seems like insane idea for a party that's going into midterm elections. kristen haglund and michelle bernard will be back. coming up next, trump says the real story's not russia, it's the leaking. okay. stay with us. with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence...
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zblfshl . is the real story the surveillance, what's going on in the investigation? >> i think all of it needs to be examined. obviously if there was intentional disclosure of names of people who were in trump campaign, that has to be revealed. but the fact is that we know for a fact the russians tried to change the outcome of our election. attacking the very fundamental of democracy. we know they did that. we need to know how, we need to know why and most of all, we need to know what to do to prevent this kind of activity which they continue to carry on in free nations around the world.
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>> senator john mccain tried to refocus the nation's attention on the issue at hand. russia's interference in the 2016 election. meanwhile, trump took to twitter this morning to decry surveillance. and those leaking leakers. all caps. joining me now, democratic congressman eric swalwell, ranking member of the cia subcommittee of the house intelligence committee. thank you for being here, representati representative. let's start back with what mccain had to say, asked to comment on the chairman of the committee on which you serve, chairman nunes. this is a question as to whether nunes is acting properly as house intelligence committee chair. take a listen. >> this is obviously a schism between republican and democrat, let alone the bizarre fashion with which all of this happened. if we're really going to get to the bottom of these things, it's got to be done in a bipartisan fashion. as far as i could tell, congressman nunes killed that. >> do you think, representative
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swalwell, nunes is now a credible chairman for the committee, for the house intelligence committee? >> he's not credible, joy, on this investigation and he should be as far away from it as possible. to just go back, we had a very credible hearing, a very illuminating hearing with fbi director comey on monday of last week. the very next week is where this unravelled. what i think happened, it's pretty clear, the facts were put forward, there is an investigation into the president's campaign as to the russian interference so the white house sought to work with and use the chairman as a way to try and validate the president's wiretapping claims so the only way for us to get back on track and have a real indent credible investigation that makes progress is for him to step aside. >> yeah. the other option we've heard talked about, house minority leader nancy pelosi said it on this program, other people have floated the idea, is doing an independent commission. the 9/11 style commission.
4:17 pm
this is chris wallace this morning on fox interviewing mitch mcconnell on the senate side as to what he thought. >> given all the politics on all sides, the continuing controversy, why not appoint an independent 9/11 style commission, have the justice department appoint a special council so you have a truly nonpartisan independent investigation that everybody can trust. >> it's just not necessary. based on what we know now. we've got a bipartisan investigation under way. it's called the senate intelligence committee. senator burr and senator warner had a joint press conference this week. i think they clearly laid out they're going wherever the facts take them. we don't need yet another investigation. >> sir, given the collapse of confidence in the house process, is the senate intelligence committee good enough or do you disagree with mitch mcconnell and think there needs to be an independent 9/11 style
4:18 pm
commission? >> an independent commission is dme needed more than ever. elijah cummings and i wrote it in december and reintroduced it in january to have an independent commission into russia's interference. every democrat supports it. one republican, walter jones, does. i wrote that partially informed by my experience. i was a capitol hill intern when i was 20 years old when september 11th happened, saw how democrats and republicans united, came together, did an investigation in the house bullet also allowed an independent commission to find out what happened and make reforms so that we would never find ourselves vulnerable to an attack like that again. we need to do the same thing here and i think it's not only the most comprehensive way now to find out just what happened but an insurance policy against a compromised house investigation. >> yeah. short of that, let's just say that it's not to be and there will still be house and senate investigations going on. do you think that one of the committees, right now the senate has said they won't do it, but do you think the house committee should immunize general michael l flynn, give him immunity to
4:19 pm
compel his testimony? >> right now we don't know what he wants to be immunized from. when i was a prosecutor prior going to congress, any time a witness asked for immunity, you would say, what do you have, what are you going to tell us we can't get otherwise? right now we don't know why he wants to have immunity. i can tell you, joy, generally, innocent people don't seek immuci immunit immunity. i would want to know if the department is justice is okay with this. right now, general flynn, we know he was taking money from russia's -- essentially russia's intelligence service which they used russia today as a cutout to disseminate false information as a propaganda tool and i think at the very least he should have known better than to do that. so i'm going to hold back until we know just exactly what he wants to give up. >> yeah. you agree with general flynn on that question of whether or not a guilty -- an innocent person seeks immunity. let me -- listen, an interesting piece of sound, vladimir putin aide peskov was on with george stephanopoulos this morning and
4:20 pm
asked what similarities there might be between donald trump and vladimir putin. very interesting. want to get your reaction. take a listen. >> you said president putin and president trump are alike in their approach to international relations. how so? >> they both insist on their priority as national interests. and understand pretty well that sometimes it is in your national interest to conduct good relationship with a counterpart ensuring those relationship are mutually beneficial. >> a lot of trump supporters take that exact same view, interestingly enough, that donald trump's repeated contacts with russia are actually a po positive for the united states because it would allow us to work with what was an adversary. do you confer with that? >> no, joy, every time i start to wonder am i chasing, you know, ghosts here or going down the rabbit hole with this russia investigation, i take a step back and i remind myself, we're talking about deep personal, political and financial ties with a foreign adversary.
4:21 pm
this is not a case of people having such extensive ties to germany or new zealand or mexico. i mean, this is a country that even post-cold war continues to undermine us in syria, continues to work against the interests of ukraine and we just learned a general said last week that they may be supplying arms to the taliban who are killing u.s. soldiers. so russia's not our friend, and we should look, i think, with a healthy dose of skepticism at any person who has such ties with russia as they're interfering with our elections. >> yep. let alone the president of the united states. congressman eric swalwell, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. coming up, champagne wishes and caviar dreams. lifestyles of the rich and infamous, trump family edition when we come back. ♪ "the birds and the bees" by dean martin ♪
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to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. it's tradition, after all. every sitting president has thrown a first pitch at least at one major league baseball game since president william howard taft threw out the first ball for the washington senators in 1910. but trump won't be joining the presidential flame throwers. on tuesday he declined the invitation to step up to the mound because of, "scheduling issues." we can't help but wonder if that's the real reason why. especially because trump actually played baseball. there he is in a yearbook photo of his varsity baseball team. according to sources in a "washington post" story, he was quite versatile with the bat. "pummeling another boy or smashing a baseball bat if he made an out." trump talked about his short-lived baseball career with biographer, michael dantonio, in a 2014 interview. >> i was the best baseball player in new york when i was young. >> best baseball player? really? let's do the math. trump was playing baseball in high school around the age of 16
4:26 pm
or 17 which is around 1962. so he was supposedly the best baseball player in new york when the yankees won the 62s is world series, boasting a roster that included mickey mantle, and yogi bara. look at the times he's thrown pitches at other games. facial expression, tiny little hands. could it be trump who's clearly no mariano rivera wants to avoid the potential boos and hisses that could greet him, a whopping 90% of d.c. voters chose hillary clinton over him? trump may not be so popular with the players, either. close to 30% of the players on mlb's opening day rosters in 2016 were born outside the united states. perhaps no other sport echoed the immigration patterns of the united states as well as baseball. starting today, millions of fans in the u.s. will be cheering for their favorite players, sluggers, pitchers and outfielders representing venezuela, the dominican
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nearly half a million people signed a petition demanding that first lady melania trump either move into the white house with her husband or reimburse taxpayers for the cost of providing security for her at trump tower. although the petition claims the cost is exorbitant, it's hard to know exactly how much taxpayers are spending. the secret service's budget is not public but the new york police commissioner recently said that it costs the nypd up to $146,000 a day to protect the firsts lady, and the couple's son, baron, at trump tower. the city is asking the federal government to reimburse those expenses. meanwhile, the president is currently golfing at his club in
4:31 pm
virginia. his 14th golf course trip in the ten weeks since he's been president. kristen, michelle, and fernand are back with us, fernand is joining us for the first time today. i'm going to go to you, kristen, on the hypocrisy of the golf, donald trump was tweeting madly when president obama was in office saying when will obama go on the next vacation if he wins? the day after. the tsa is falling apart. barack obama's vacation is costing taxpayers millions. on and on and on. now he's golfing every weekend. >> it's a little bit difficult to stomach, especially, you know, democrats did this with george w. bush. this is a political tactic but i think for his image, right, everything that's going on with the russia investigations, with his legislative policy agenda, he should be looking, okay, how does this look to the american people? >> sure. >> especially so many of those who, you know, are not of, you know, high, you know -- weren't wealthy, right, that voted for him. so it would be better for him strategically to be back in the white house and to show that
4:32 pm
he's really driving policy and serious about this if he's concerned about his image. >> michelle bernard, you know, you look at the calendar that shows the weekends he's been at mar-a-lago, all the way through february, all the way through march. i think trump's core base doesn't care what he does. he said he could shoot someone on fifth avenue, i believe that is true. there are still republicans who -- there are still republicans who live in districts that thk hk eithhilla carried or came close to carrying. there are independents, independents exist. some voted for donald trump. how does this make him look to them? >> i think they really have a quandary on their hands when it comes to donald trump and the money that they are spending to -- that we as citizens are spending to keep him secure as he travels around the country to play golf. it's kind of funny, you know, there's that saying, what's good for the goose is goods for the gander. these were all things they complained about about president obama and frankly about other presidents. it's a fair complaint i believe when it comes to the president.
4:33 pm
i don't think the country can do anything about it. what we need to be focused on quite frankly is the budget and what, you know, where money is -- where they're proposing budget cuts and, you know, that sort of thing. when it comes to melania trump, i got to tell you, i really believe it is inherently anti-feminist and anti-woman for anyone to believe that they should dictate how she decides what is best for her life and what is best for her son. you know, maybe the public complaints will get the trumps to cough up money when it comes to security that the city is spending on taking care of her. she fully has a right to decide where she wants to live and what is best for her life and how she's going to conduct herself as the first lady. to no one's business just like it was no one's business when it came to michelle obama's decision to show her arms or wear shorts or focus on childhood obesity and eating healthy. >> let's talk about -- let's get into that a little bit. we talked about this before, the idea that the first lady of the united states is essentially not -- refusing to live in the white house. but not only that, but her
4:34 pm
husband's travel is costing not just new york, we talk about new york a lot, you're down there in florida, just mar-a-lago, we talk about the budget. politico estimatedaccounting ofy trip he takes to mar-a-lago costs $3 million. florida has to pony up a lot of that. palm beach, $200,000 in lost fuel sales at a local airport, they can't use it. 75 no shows at a restaurant in one night. 250 private flights. you have the right of the trumps to live the lifestyle they want and the costs thee communities have to bear. >> first and foremost, joy, let's not blame the first lady because would you want to live with donald trump in the white house and be stuck with him? i certainly wouldn't. look, the fact of the matter is, the payday loan presidency of donald trump continues. just like any good con, just like in payday loan industry, lots of promises of easy money, convenience and happy talk until the sticker shock kicks in and
4:35 pm
fine print kicks in and in this case, no different, joy, as you point out. let's look at the numbers because the numbers are rather compelling in my opinion. $150,000 nearly a day which translates to about $50 million a year just to keep melania at trump tower at taxpayer expense and then these golf trips, the gall of these billionaires and millionaires who like to brag about how much money they have yet the public has to foot the bill for their travel. we got nearly six trips. we're not even 2 1/2 months into this presidency. hitting on the $20 million mark. yet at the same point in his presidency, how many trips did barack obama take? zero. and donald trump has the stones to say that obama needed to get off the golf course. joy, it's just the con of a presidency. it goes on and on and on. >> the point, michelle makes the point we shouldn't criticize the first lady for where she wants to live, however, the choices she's making does impact the taxpayer. michelle obama did let's move but raised money from private entities like walmart and nike
4:36 pm
to get behind that program. the secret service has put in a request for an additional $60 million for next year, alone, $28.6 million of that is just to protect melania and her son at trump tower. >> yeah. >> is there a fairness issue here? should the trumps reimburse maybe the taxpayer for these costs? >> i think it gets difficult when you ask someone to reimburse. the only two people that are required to have secret service protection are the president and the vice president. >> sure. >> it would be a national security nightmare if a grandchild or child or, you know, the son-in-law of the president was kidnapped or injured or hurt in any way. there should be no concern on the federal side with respect to budget. there should be concern as far as the trumps are concerned to be mindful of what they do and don't do. one of the things michelle obama got a lot of flak for was her foreign travel. turns out the end of the term she did less foreign travel than hillary clinton and laura bush. and she was mindful of those costs. and the trumps should be mindful
4:37 pm
as well. does he need to go to mar-a-lago every weekend? absolutely not. >> yeah. >> does she need to take a separate plane down to mar-a-lago as opposed to meeting him in washington and taking air force one which is already moving down there? those are the kinds of things they have to be careful about. >> what do you make of the argument? the two separate things. trump loving to go to golf every weekend, optics of that and the cost of it, then the mel lawn g iya living situation. >> i agree, melania trump, i agree with michelle, has the ability to do what she -- i would agree for my convenience, it would be great for her to live down there. but i think that the american people really want them to just focus on getting things done. right? everyone can scream politics. this is what we do, we talk about the fact that they're zbo golfing. republicans, we're critical of michelle obama and barack obama for playing golf. let's trim the fat here, talk about stuff that actually
4:38 pm
matters. it's those kinds of conversations and complaints that make americans tune out, get apathetic about politics, don't vote and have an animosity toward washington instead of saying, let's call our senators, have an efficacy -- >> at the same time, there's a let them eat cake aspect. this is a family that lives in a literal golden tower and is asking for our sympathy because they don't want to all have to be forced to live in the 240-year-old house. there is an aspect of it that it seems unfair that the taxpayer sou should have to pay for their lifestyle. even if you want to feel badly for the situation she has of wanting to keep her son here, we're paying for this. >> well, you know, the argument that i would make to the trumps, like if i were in add an advisel yawn th melania trump, look back in history, what other first ladies have done in order to deal with these types of issues. jackie onassis raised money privately to do the renovations she wanted to do to the white
4:39 pm
house. there has to be a way given all of donald trump's allegations about his welt assuming it's there to be able to deal with this and reimburse the taxpayers in new york for the security of his wife and of his son. my only point is simply that no one has the right to tell melania trump that they know better than she does where she should live or how she should raise her son. all the issues around, you know, the fiscal appropriateness of this, i absolutely agree with, but i think there is a way for the trumps to be able to take care of this and if donald trump were smart, he would do so. all of the allegations that he constantly made about barack obama are going to be thrown back in his face and when it comes re-election time, if he makes it to, you know, through the following four years, he's going to have to contend with how he spent the nation's money. >> yeah. fernand, is there any -- donald trump won florida but is there any discontent at this point with the amount of money they are spending just on their
4:40 pm
lifestyle? >> absolutely. i mean, look, there is a contempt for the process, a contempt for the people in this flagrant disregard. you know, again, on the one side, one side of his mouth he talks about saving the american taxpayer money and the efficiencies and all the winning he's going to bring. the truth of the matter is it's a massive inconvenience, the people after palm beach county, alone, are not only talking about the costs involved but the quality of life issues. let me get back to the fundamentals on this. this is a conscientious decision made by the president and the first lady. i take exception with some of the comments on the panel. these are people that know what they're doing. they know the implications and they do it, anyway, because they don't care. i find that contemptuous of the american people and the american taxpayer. >> yeah, we just had these financial disclosure forms that show that ivanka and jared, the son and daughter -- the daughter and son-in-law, they're beneficiaries of $740 million in real estate investments.
4:41 pm
have the other sons traveling on business with taxpayer funded security. this family is living quite well on the taxpayer dime and donald trump still has not made a commitment to not take his salary. he said he was going to donate it back. we have no sign he's going to do that. >> yes, asked press corps for advice on where he should donate. so, you know, this goes back to the mindfulness issue. the trump sons have a right to be in business. they have a right too go do business but should be mindful of their travel if they're going to travel with the secret service because there's advanced teams, lots of expensive hotels. they're not say sttaying in che places. costs the taxpayers a lot of money. there's an easy way to calm this down for the white houses, admit they were wrong which they aren't going to do. president trump, you don't know what the job is like until you're in it and now he recognizes why you need to go play golf and get out of the white house. every president should go play
4:42 pm
golf. it calms them down. >> camp david running empty. >> $8 million a year. >> he ain't using it. >> thank you very much, kristen haglund, welcome to the show, new friend of the show. michelle bernard. f f fernand. longtime friends of the show. up next, i'm joined live to talk about a very, very timely new documentary. (vo) when i brought jake home, i wanted him to eat healthy. so i feed jake purina cat chow naturals indoor, a nutritious formula with no artificial flavors. made specifically for indoor cats.
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4:46 pm
mosul in air strikes conducted by a u.s.-led coalition. if confirmed, it would be one of the highest civilian death tolls since the beginning of the iraq war back in 2003. we have to be careful not to forget about america's wars in deluge of other news about the administration. and to that end, i want to take a moment to note an important anniversary. on tuesday, it will be 350 yea s 50 years sense tince dr. martinr king delivered the address in new york city. criticized the war as a war on the american poor as well as the vietnamese people. and urged americans to focus instead on the battle for social justice still being fought at home. >> that we may not be able to achieve. it demands that we admit that we have been wrong from the beginning of our adventure in vietnam, that we have been detrimental to the life of the
4:47 pm
vietnamese people. situation is one in which we must be ready to turn sharply from our present way. >> our good frechiend the dr. reverend william barber is kicking off the commemoration this morning delivering the sermon at riverside church. an anniversary event will follow on tuesday. up next, community star yvette nicole brown will join us to discuss a topic that literally affects each and every one of us. te relief. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause all your symptoms, including nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. flonase is an allergy nasal spray that works even beyond the nose. so you can enjoy every beautiful moment to the fullest. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. tand, our adulte children are here.
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a state of emergency declared in atlanta after a massive rush hour fire thursday caused this bridge on i-85 to collapse. >> it is frightening and insign. thank goodness no one got hurt. >> traffic backed up for miles, a standstill overnight. the long-term impact crippling schools and forcing drivers to find alternate rides this morning. >> a really huge mess. >> it's going to take months for them to fix it, which it's going
4:51 pm
to take a lot of patience. >> the collapse of atlanta's i-85 bridge this week put the infrastructure back into the headlines. the reasons for the fire and the subsequent collapse are still under investigation. the american society of civil engineers has found that 23% of our bridges are either unsound or functionally obsolete. donald trump has said he wants to invest in infrastructure, but he has yet to lay out a plan. in the meantime actress and comedian yvette nicole brown is doing her part for americans to realize how dangerous this is. >> once upon a time, america built the greatest system, the interstate highway system, over 46,000 miles of road that connect us and bring us to depend on things every day. those roads absolutely changed our lives and we're absolutely wearing them out. the highway system designed 60 years ago was never meant to
4:52 pm
handle the number of vehicles it does today. think of the highway as your favorite pair of jeans, old, worn and a real problem. the problem is we've gained weight. we can barely squeeze into our jeans. >> joining us now is yvette nicole brown of "be prepared to stop" and she's host of the show cos play melee and back with me also is jonathan capehart, always my co-host, so we have him along as well. you know yvette nicole brown from community. this is a fabulous documentary. congratulations on doing it. people understand a driveover bridge that's not in good shape. but some of it is frightening. the asce which gives a report card to infrastructure has given an overall rate of d-plus to america's infrastructure, poor, at risk, mostly below standard with elements approaching the
4:53 pm
end of life. our roads are literally crumbling under us. >> that's true. you think about it. a d-plus. would you eat at a restaurant that had a d-plus? absolutely not. it's the rating that the roads have been given. we hope people stop and introduce them to infrastructure. if they don't know about it and tells them we have to find a way to fix it. our highway trust fund hasn't been increased since 1993 which is ridiculous when you think about it. there's been no increase. everyone is afraid of taxes. but if it keeps the road safe for your baby in a school bus, it's worth it. go ahead. >> finish your sentence. finish your sentence. >> it helps you get your things. people forget trucks bring everything. everything in this room i'm sitting in came off a truck. if the roads don't work, you can't get your stuff. think about it from a personal standpoint. >> let me play a trailer, one little clip. it really makes that point, literally everything you have is trucked to you. take a look.
4:54 pm
>> the bridges are old and just falling apart. >> 200 million times a day motorists in the united states are driving over structurally deficient bridges in urban areas. >> most people do not realize that every tangible object, every piece of food they consumed was most likely in a truck before it got to them. >> the only hope is for the american public to come to grips with the reality that we are 28 in the world on infrastructure investment. >> one of the things you guys did is you talked about what would happen five days without a truck being able to get to you. talk about that. >> my favorite show is "walking dead." by the fifth day, we're pretty much ready for zombie apocalypse. you don't have medicine. there is no milk or food in the stores. atms are empty, banks shut down. it becomes a crisis across the
4:55 pm
world if you don't have trucks. i think that when people watch the documentary, they'll see that this is something that greatly impacts them personally. it's the whole -- just in the same way health care got everybody up, it's my appeal, my cancer. this is the road you're driving on. we're trying to give it a personal bent. so people can see it through their own eyes. maybe we can go to town halls and talk about these potholes and bridges, you know. it's a very personal issue. >> jonathan, the reason is this fear of raising taxes. >> yes. >> is there any will in washington to do the basic things to get done here, which is to raise taxes to fix the roads and bridges. >> the short answer is no, and i'm so glad yvette brought this up to you at the beginning of her segment. the highway trust fund hasn't been raised, correct me if i'm wrong, since 1993. >> 1993. >> the tax money that goes into the fund is what keeps the roads and bridges in repair. what i'm trying to figure out and maybe you know this, how do we bridge the gap between
4:56 pm
members of congress here in washington who need to raise taxes in order to refill the trust fund and the american people. >> yeah, absolutely. go on. >> we have to find a way to make people understand this affects them. we're very reactionary instead of proactive. like the bridge in atlanta, we have to get the bridge back up. everyone is scrambling to do that. if we prepare the bridges and take care of them before they crumble, we'd be in a better position. we have to understand this is a crisis right now. not ten years from now. our roads and bridges are in trouble right now. it's things like that, joy, is getting word out. >> absolutely. the documentary is "be prepared to stop," it is phenomenal. i hope everyone tunes in to watch it. yvette nicolette brown, we happen to love the same show. i know you'll be watching the last show. >> thank you. bye. bye, jonathan. nice to meet you. >> it will be on amazon and
4:57 pm
itunes later. check it out. be prepared to is where you can get more deets. that is our show for today. be sure to join us next week for more "am joy." keep it on msnbc for the rest of your sunday. ok, let's call his agent. i'm coming over right now. tell caesar to keep his toga on, i'll be right there. the newly advanced gle can see in your blind spot. onboard cameras and radar detect danger all around you. driver assist systems pull you back into your lane if drifting. hi chief! hi bobby! and will even help you brake, if necessary. it makes driving less of a production. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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crisis. new urgency in the russia investigation as president trump's former national security adviser mike flynn asked for immunity from prosecution to tell his story. >> flynn said himself if you want immunity, you must be guilty. >> the president called it a witch-hunt. a top republican disagrees. >> no, it's not a witch-hunt. it's mysterious why all of a sudden general flynn is out there saying he wants immunity. plus, supreme court battle. will senate republicans finish what democrats started?s and end the filibuster to confirm neil gorsuch. russia, the supreme court and a


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